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For 25 years Susanne E. Jalbert, Ph.D. has focused on international business development strategy and policy, financial and corporate governance, global network expansion and enhanced social responsibility with the over-arching goal of investing resources in both social and business change through economic empowerment and sustained, positive synergy.

 International Business Development:  Concentrating on strategy and policy for private sector development in Iraq more than 3 years, Dr. Jalbert is currently the Business Development Services Senior Advisor for Tijara, a project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to promote private sector development.  Her wide-ranging global background in policy, economic- and gender-equity analysis is applied to stimulate commerce through community-based businesses and business associations.  Vigilant about growing sustainability, contemporary business skills are transferred to small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs), business associations (BAs) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), women business associations (WBAs) and civil society organizations (CSOs). By responding practically and resourcefully, she instills visionary leadership by forming public-private partnerships, strategic alliances and coalitions in numerous countries among respected government and private sector business leaders.

 Financial and Corporate Governance:  CEO of wholly-owned Jalbert Consulting since 1981, she has assisted domestic and foreign clients in 17 developed economies with business growth goals by directing strategy toward efficient business practices, financial accountability and sound governance. Services rendered to multi-national decision-makers include: financial analysis; business, media and strategic planning and execution; niche marketing; global perspective; corporate communication, inter-cultural teamwork; executive/ professional advancement; and expansion of international networks. Financial skill set includes: contracting, negotiating, change management, accounting, budgeting and cost control principles aligned with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.  Governance work is proprietary.

Global Network Expansion:  Four core competencies converge to offer substantial reach and access to expand international business alliances and facilitate economic empowerment into developed, developing, transitioning and conflict countries.  In addition to corporate clients during the past 20 years, she has assisted more than 30 USAID contractors on 83 assignments which have taken her to 40 countries accruing regional expertise in Russia, Ukraine and Moldova, Central Asia and the Caucasus, Asia, Africa, North America, Europe and most recently the Middle East. 

Social Responsibility:  As a founder of five non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Nepal, Dr. Jalbert is also an originator or supporter of NGOs in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and Iraq. The NGOs are vibrant and self-supporting.  Stateside she has participated on numerous boards and advisory councils, which are noted under Professional Affiliations.  To promote both social responsibility and to encourage women’s economic engagement, she has published notably about the impact of: business associations, women entrepreneurs, [STOP] trafficking of women and children campaigns, and economic interventions for entrepreneurial expansion.


As a wholly owned, woman-owned business, Jalbert Consulting (JC) has assisted over 135 domestic and international clients in reaching business growth goals. Services are rendered to top-level multi-national decision-makers as well as innovative entrepreneurs. Consulting menu includes: financial, strategic and accounting systems; formulation and adherence to policies, procedures, and accountability; separation of duties; cross-training; liaise with external auditors; analysis of all financial data; and synopsis of annual reports. JC prepares corporate executives, business owners and NGO leaders to sustainably tackle global challenges.

With pioneering colleagues in Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Nepal, Iraq and USA, Dr. Jalbert founded, supports and advises BAs, NGOs, CSOs and WBAs that are operated by socially responsible community change agents who are proactively engaged in concrete activities intended to stimulate economic self-sufficiency, democratic principles, social justice, rule of law, gender parity and peace.

Projects relate to private sector policy and growth through the core competencies noted above. Promote SMEs as an indispensable revenue-generating industrial sector. Tools employed are: policy change and promotion through regulatory reform advocacy and BA/NGO/CSO/WBA capacity building. Successfully completed over 80 projects in 40 countries by offering consulting, technical assistance, program assessment, business technology transfer, and multiplier-effect mechanisms.

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